Engineering Production

For over 20 years, our production has seen tens to hundreds of thousands of various products, differing in shape, size, material, workmanship, heat or surface treatment, precision class and produced quantity.

The variability of our production portfolio puts significant demands on the expert knowledge and skills of our colleagues, who form a well-coordinated team capable of taking on any challenge. In our case we can clearly admit that it’s the team and its craftmanship that brought us where we are today.

We are creative and flexible, striving for excellence in the area of engineering production, which has a long-standing tradition in the Zlin region, where Tomas Bata devolved his famous shoe business. Which unfolded many companies to follow afterwards and especially in the turning and milling business.

We put emphasis on a personal approach and understanding of the specific requirements of our customers; we are obviously also capable of manufacturing with tight deadlines which are required in this age of just in time. We are evidently also capable to do your engineering for you: our engineers are ready to design and discuss the best options with the customer. If you have any requests or questions, do not hesitate to contact our account managers.