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we will build it

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Are you looking for a professional and reliable partner to manufacture your components or assembly your modules. Whether you are dealing with an technically complex issue or simply you want to have the job done correctly, we can manufacture it for you. And should an extra, specific link in the chain be necessary, for instance to create a special finish, we’ve got the right – reliable – partners to deal with that aspect.

We are large enough to scale up where needed but still compact enough too know all our customers personally and their specs.

This offers you important benefits: short lines and the ability to continually keep a sharp eye on quality and the entire process. It also makes it possible to keep the best possible grip on progress, while ensuring short turnaround times and therefore a short time to market. Further advantages include the ability to quickly intervene in the event of circumstances changing or alterations arising in the programme of requirements.

Whether you’re interested in a prototype, a single item, production series or mounting work, Mevi can produce what you need – we are your one stop shop!

The engineering and production company Mevi-CZ is part of the Mevi Group, which is operating from the Netherlands and is still till this day a family business. Mevi-CZ was founded in 1998 in order to supply single parts to its parent company, but swiftly established its own partners base. Nowadays the company works fully independent with its own portfolio of customers, please check the references for an update.

Over the following years, the company has continued to develop itself by purchasing new modern CNC machinery and by implementing new processes internally to cover the needs of its business partners.

Currently the company enlist over 50 colleagues, with several of them still working from the beginning but accompanied by a new team of experts including foreign language abilities and customer minded approach.

The company not long ago celebrated its twentieth birthday, this beautiful milestone has been achieved by simply being a reliable and steady partner and delivering overall quality.

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